The Ceiling Effect: Are LEDs Right for Your Parking Lot?

Park the car on the ceiling. That’s right, you read it correctly the first time. Pulling one of our biggest investments – a vehicle – into a parking lot that uses fluorescent bulbs means we might as well be parking the car on the ceiling. Let us explain.

Fluorescent bulbs use the light they produce inefficiently, plain and simple. We like to call it “the ceiling effect.” Because fluorescent tubes cast light in every direction, much of what they produce is wasted on areas that do not need light, like the ceiling. This photo illustrates our point perfectly. Fluorescent tubes (on the right) waste light in areas that don’t matter, leaving your parking lot or garage susceptible to danger. The LED tube (on the left) sends out clear, bright light downward.

Here is how LED it works:

  • Security

Rather than sending light in a 360-degree spread, LED tubes limit their range of illumination to 140 degrees, which prevents “lumen loss” and has been proven with light meter studies to effectively light any area, regardless of ceiling height. This means that, using half the wattage of fluorescent tubes, LEDs by GLO provide triple the surface illumination where you actually need it. Break-ins don’t happen on the ceiling, they happen where cars are parked, and LEDs provide clear, bright light to guarantee maximum visibility.

  • Higher Profits

Los Angeles is a city known for its high volume of cars and drivers. For everything from sporting events and nights out on the town to basic errands, people know to factor in parking to their time and expenses. That being said, there are many choices of public parking in LA. As we mentioned before, people’s vehicles are often one of their biggest investments, and they want to feel safe about where they leave their cars. When it comes down to it, people are going to park in the lot that looks and feels trustworthy to them. More customers and less money spent on poor fluorescent lighting means higher profits for your business.