SK Market, Inc.’S Bright Idea: Upgrading To Led With GLO

Since day one, the mission of GLO has always been “to promote and advance the benefits of LED lighting,” and GLO especially wants to show local community businesses in Los Angeles how partnering with them from purchase to installation can save thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance expenses.

So, GLO was thrilled at the opportunity to sign on with SK Market, Inc. to perform a complete LED retrofit for all four of their supermarket locations throughout Los Angeles County. The project is being rolled out in several phases, beginning with the completion of Best Bargain, a family-run grocery store in Inglewood that has been in business for over 10 years. After a free consultation and quote by GLO’s professional employees, the company provided their standard comprehensive analysis that pinpointed key areas where GLO could make a noticeable impact on Best Bargain’s utility costs and highlighted key areas where LED installation would yield long-term benefits.

After the successful completion of this first portion of the project, GLO is proud to report that Best Bargain can expect an estimated $250,000 worth of total savings and a yearly reduction of over 180,000 kilowatts. What else is there to say? The numbers don’t lie – when businesses choose LED as their lighting solution, they experience undeniable savings and environmental benefits.

And SK Market, Inc. took note, which is why GLO is excited to announce that, beginning November 22, 2014, they will be retrofitting all of SK Market, Inc.’s other three supermarkets – Advance Food and Jay’s Market in Los Angeles and Villa Market in Long Beach – with GLO’s top-of-the-line LED tubes. Be on the lookout for updates on the progress of this project and news on how the overall advantages of LED technology and GLO’s unbeatable products are spreading throughout the city.