It Has Arrived: The Age of LED Lighting

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce Corp., was quoted earlier this month as saying “the age of LED lighting is here.” According to industry experts, this growing trend and steady development within LED technology can be traced to the efforts to manufacturers and suppliers. In 2014 alone, LED market penetration has doubled in the US, meaning more and more companies and individuals are turning to this new wave of lighting solutions.

And companies are making the switch with good reason.  For example, because of the improvements in LED retrofitting, GLO is able to perform an upgrade from a fluorescent bulb to its superior LED corn bulb counterpart without even replacing the existing shoebox, which leads to a savings of up to $500, and this is just one way that GLO is changing the lighting industry.

 As a company built on the basis of rigorous professional standards, in-house LED tube manufacturing, professional installation and support, and a commitment to local businesses in Los Angeles, GLO stands on the cutting edge of this rapidly increasing movement.

 All throughout LA, one of the largest cities in America, GLO is making a noticeable impact in the lives of enterprises in various industries, from historic hotels and luxury lofts to corporate offices and charter schools. GLO has proven time and again that the age of LED lighting has, indeed, arrived.