Park the car on the ceiling. That’s right, you read it correctly the first time. Pulling one of our biggest investments – a vehicle – into a parking lot that uses fluorescent bulbs means we might as well be parking the car on the ceiling. Let us explain.

Fluorescent bulbs use the light they produce inefficiently, plain and simple. We like to call it “the ceiling effect.” Because fluorescent tubes cast light in every direction, much of what they produce is wasted on areas that do not need light, like the ceiling. This photo illustrates our point perfectly. Fluorescent tubes (on the right) waste light in areas that don’t matter, leaving your parking lot or garage susceptible to danger. The LED tube (on the left) sends out clear, bright light downward.

Here is how LED it works:

  • Security

Rather than sending light in a 360-degree spread, LED tubes limit their range of illumination to 140 degrees, which prevents “lumen loss” and has been proven with light meter studies to effectively light any area, regardless of ceiling height. This means that, using half the wattage of fluorescent tubes, LEDs by GLO provide triple the surface illumination where you actually need it. Break-ins don’t happen on the ceiling, they happen where cars are parked, and LEDs provide clear, bright light to guarantee maximum visibility.

  • Higher Profits

Los Angeles is a city known for its high volume of cars and drivers. For everything from sporting events and nights out on the town to basic errands, people know to factor in parking to their time and expenses. That being said, there are many choices of public parking in LA. As we mentioned before, people’s vehicles are often one of their biggest investments, and they want to feel safe about where they leave their cars. When it comes down to it, people are going to park in the lot that looks and feels trustworthy to them. More customers and less money spent on poor fluorescent lighting means higher profits for your business.

Since day one, the mission of GLO has always been “to promote and advance the benefits of LED lighting,” and GLO especially wants to show local community businesses in Los Angeles how partnering with them from purchase to installation can save thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance expenses.

So, GLO was thrilled at the opportunity to sign on with SK Market, Inc. to perform a complete LED retrofit for all four of their supermarket locations throughout Los Angeles County. The project is being rolled out in several phases, beginning with the completion of Best Bargain, a family-run grocery store in Inglewood that has been in business for over 10 years. After a free consultation and quote by GLO’s professional employees, the company provided their standard comprehensive analysis that pinpointed key areas where GLO could make a noticeable impact on Best Bargain’s utility costs and highlighted key areas where LED installation would yield long-term benefits.

After the successful completion of this first portion of the project, GLO is proud to report that Best Bargain can expect an estimated $250,000 worth of total savings and a yearly reduction of over 180,000 kilowatts. What else is there to say? The numbers don’t lie – when businesses choose LED as their lighting solution, they experience undeniable savings and environmental benefits.

And SK Market, Inc. took note, which is why GLO is excited to announce that, beginning November 22, 2014, they will be retrofitting all of SK Market, Inc.’s other three supermarkets – Advance Food and Jay’s Market in Los Angeles and Villa Market in Long Beach – with GLO’s top-of-the-line LED tubes. Be on the lookout for updates on the progress of this project and news on how the overall advantages of LED technology and GLO’s unbeatable products are spreading throughout the city.

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce Corp., was quoted earlier this month as saying “the age of LED lighting is here.” According to industry experts, this growing trend and steady development within LED technology can be traced to the efforts to manufacturers and suppliers. In 2014 alone, LED market penetration has doubled in the US, meaning more and more companies and individuals are turning to this new wave of lighting solutions.

And companies are making the switch with good reason.  For example, because of the improvements in LED retrofitting, GLO is able to perform an upgrade from a fluorescent bulb to its superior LED corn bulb counterpart without even replacing the existing shoebox, which leads to a savings of up to $500, and this is just one way that GLO is changing the lighting industry.

 As a company built on the basis of rigorous professional standards, in-house LED tube manufacturing, professional installation and support, and a commitment to local businesses in Los Angeles, GLO stands on the cutting edge of this rapidly increasing movement.

 All throughout LA, one of the largest cities in America, GLO is making a noticeable impact in the lives of enterprises in various industries, from historic hotels and luxury lofts to corporate offices and charter schools. GLO has proven time and again that the age of LED lighting has, indeed, arrived.

Sliced bread. The wheel. Refrigerators. The printing press. LED. What do all these things have in common? The answer: they are all revolutionary.

There’s a simple reason certain products come into being and stay – because they make life better. Every so often, a new breakthrough is discovered that increases our quality of life, saves time and money and paves the way for the future. At GLO, we believe that the future of lighting in changing, and we hope to show your business how you can benefit from LED.

As you can see in the photograph, the 8’ LED tube being installed in a GLO LED retrofit provides infinitely superior lighting to the dreary, yellowed fluorescent tube on the right. This proves true in every case, for these reasons:

  • Improved Design and Output: LED tubes do not utilize traditional filaments, which create “hot spots” and fade quickly, leading to decreased light output at a rapid rate. On the other hand, GLO’s tubes provide up to 50,000 hours of solid light that won’t fade out as it burns. That is four times as long as a fluorescent tube, so there is no worry about constant maintenance and tube replacement.
  • Great Light without Worry: The clear, clean light that is emitted from an LED tube is unique from a fluorescent, in that no light is wasted. All the energy put into creating light for your space is directed downward, so you are guaranteed to have maximum illumination. Compare that to a fluorescent bulb that casts light into unnecessary areas like the ceiling, using more energy to give you less. Nobody wants that!
  • Peace of Mind: GLO knows you have important things to think about, like keeping your business running and taking care of your company. That is why we take pride in the fact that our tubes create a drastic reduction in both noise pollution and negative environmental impact. LED bulbs operate without any annoying buzzes or humming, making your space more peaceful and pleasant. Additionally, there are no toxic elements like mercury (found in fluorescent lights), and LED tubes produce 90% less heat than fluorescent tubes, reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

As you can see, LED technology can make a monumental difference for your company. So, call a GLO representative today to schedule your free analysis and LED retrofit. Welcome to the future of lighting.